Cristina's Cucina

Raspberry and White chocolate chip Cannoli

Our Background

What started as a once a year tradition where all the women of the Calandra family would get together to make Cannoli for Christmas has since turned into a thriving and exciting new business for Cristina and her family. Cristina’s Cucina was then born in 2018. Cristina is the second child to Sicilian parents and she has always had a passion for baking and cooking. Cristina, her sisters and her mother were taught how to hand make Cannoli by their Nonna Rosa along with other irresistible sweet Sicilian treats.

For Cristina’s Cucina, authenticity is key. All of our Cannoli shells are hand rolled from scratch with love. Nothing tastes better than home made. Cristina’s Cucina has been known for unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. We believe that the customer always come first – and that means exceptional products and exceptional service.

What makes us different?

You see those knobbly bits? The fact that they are all slightly different in shape and size? That’s what makes our cannoli unique to all others out there. They are beautifully imperfect. They are made from a secret recipe that’s been tried and tested over generations in my family. Each and every one is made with love and care. If you want to experience extraordinary instead of the ordinary then order some of our beautiful Cannoli today.

Cristina's Cannoli, beautiful crispy and flaky shells
Cristina's Cucina Cannoli, a crispy, flakey outer shell filled with a special blend of sweetened ricotta

Why choose us?

Choose us because we are a specialist Cannoli maker who takes pride and care in every aspect of making these beautiful sweet Sicilian treats. Our shells are not imported and generic, they are made here in Dudley with an authentic family recipe.


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Calculate from £2.50 each


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